The Illinois rail network has many exciting projects that are currently under construction. With the main focus on the construction of 110-mph train travel from Chicago to St. Louis, there are a plethora of other innovative and necessary projects throughout the state. These projects are at varying levels of completion or in still in the planning stages. To improve the efficiency of the whole transportation network, CrossRail Chicago and the O’Hare Express train, from O’Hare to Chicago Union Station, is desperately needed to better integrate Chicago into the global and regional economy.  

Going forward the rail future of Illinois is generally positive, but to continue to improve the entire Midwestern rail system, further progress must be made. Exciting projects in Chicago, such as new rail flyovers and bridge improvements, will make the whole network more effective. However, funding cuts from the state government are putting further improvements at risk and we must work to maintain and expand current funding for our rail infrastructure.

Find out how CrossRail Chicago will transform Illinois.

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